Soonest Begun

Time is of the essence when it comes to health. Oftentimes we don’t think of health. Not until it hits us. Injury, illness, shortness of breath, choking on food, witnessing someone having those experiences.

Addiction often is not seen as illness. Addiction to substance use is more of stigma than disorder. Although stigma is strong, we can have hope that if we look at substance use addiction as a disorder, then we can hope that establishing order as possible.

Addiction is not seen as a health issue, no. It is not a flu and it is no cancer, the major population would say, you just need to get your crap together. Well, actually it is cancer. Only on this case it is the person putting harmful substances in their body on a voluntary basis because they cannot stop… because that cancer has eaten into their mind so deeply.

While we are pummeling at stigma and try to figure out illness vs enabling, time is still of the essence to acquire skills to heal. As they say, soonest began, soonest done. Hopefully, with less side effects.

Ah, yes. It is easier said than done, isn’t it? I know. I had my dance with substances for over ten years. I wouldn’t let go all that time because as it was fun to discover, the “substances” were fun to keep. As Stephen King said “Cool ideas were not necessarily good ideas,” in his Elevation novel, if I remember correctly.

or this makes sense too

Besides, those ideas and the actions that came from them served me a function.

As for letting them go, it was kind of a grieving death experiences. My mind attitudes changed. My dependency not just on physical effect but on my new place on society was under stress. That is all healing, but I didn’t feel or think that way all the time. And that is the process of rehabilitation just as well.

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maxresdefaultThere are things you can’t argue about or with. Like arguing with a drunk person, it’s pointless. For an attempt of more practical argument, think school. At school we are taught about axioms, statements about positions of the geometrical figures or related objects that cannot be questioned. Like there is exactly one line incident with any two distinct points, no matter where in space they are positioned. Or, two distinct lines intersect in exactly one point. Proving it otherwise will get you failing. (

Now here’s another axiom that I’ve found on the wall at a chiro/massage centre: “Every decision you make moves you either toward wellness or towards disease.”

It’s not easy to come up with words…after you lift your jaw, dropped on the subject of astounding sense of that statement…and comment on it, is it? But I will try.

Pondering this to me means looking at your life as some sort of weird lineage, tracking down every behavior and every action you’ve expressed and taken. Which would be very mind-breaking and possibly even senseless, certainly not too good for the mind balance. Maybe you’d try to dissect the memory and look at some pivotal events, but not all of them! And those that would matter most – hey, put them on the Step Four list. They belong there.

After your resentments and defects of character list is complete and is spoken of aloud in the presence of another person, under the watchful eye of the Higher Power of your own understanding, you get on with doing the Steps and get on with your life, right? And that’s when you keep looking forward and you think that you got to live better and healthier. But it’s hard. Life is rarely a smooth ride of a boat down the lake on a cloudless day. Things you want to do mess with things you need to do, and the things that are good for you may start looking like annoying ditches on the road you go through that you feel you are compelled to drive around.

If you consider yourself the captain of your fate, no one can tell you how to sail your ship, but deep inside you know. If you were paying attention during studying your Steps, you now know that in the mind everything is interconnected, just like in the body. Bad choices and no choices, they all matter and one day shit will catch up with you, just like right choices will bear fruits that will nourish you. And every decision you make will move you toward either negativity or the positive life in all of its systems and revelations, just as toward disease or wellness.

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