Portals of Warm Memories

Was it real that just came over me?

It felt like a door has opened 

Next to me in the open field

And the wave of energy that came through

Was so familiar,

Breathing of old things

I used to love and hold dear,

Of things you all said and laughed about

Beams of sun on the birthday morning

Colors of her dress and his tie

Of trees I’d sit under

Gently moved by winds

And of promises of things we hoped for together

And ones we never spoke of out loud.

It all breathed on me all of a sudden,

And although it lasted no more than 

Literally, a mere moment,

It has filled me with joy 

For good times I’ve had

And the companies I’ve shared them with.

I wish these portals of happy moments 

Would open more often along our paths,

Emanating memories of joy.

These space pockets of pleasant fire

Would cool us 

For a calm smile on a hot day,

Like me today.

They’d also warm us 

On the days we need it most.

the binding of Ingwaz and Wunjo is by me. color patters by J3.

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