Ordered Apoptosis

Most of these things 

That we call improvements and inventions

Only make us less adaptable

To the coming times

When we won’t be able to 

Make lemonade from fruits that nature throws at us.

The Internet-based private life

Is an illusion of comfort.

Your cute, paper sheet thin cell phones

Just invite your brain cells death.

This that we lead is no life,

But our orders of apoptosis.

We will not believe it

When the skies will fall,

Unless it was written about

On our tiny gadgets newsfeed.

Look at all these glorified precious tokens of our cute progressive lives

Without which we can’t even crap in peace!

How is that a healthy life,

When it constantly depends 

On being attached to a machine of some sort?

At times it may feel much more of a positive existence

When someone or something 

Provides you with a myriad of services and data

In a blink of an eye

Than in a country where bombs fall every day

And a piece of bread in an underground shelter 

Is the only thing truly cherished 

Besides a friendly voice of another survivor.

But is it really a healthy living 

When you exist in a permanent illusion?

the image was copied from Facebook on February 13, 2022. thankyou.

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